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From time to time i come back on newgrounds just to watch and listen to this... great piece :)

Eoic Epicity of Epicness!!

Seriously that was just great, nice music, goood animation and tons of hard work ! Is there any part II coming ? :D

TheBoogley responds:

I've thought about it, and maybe we'll do a coloured one at some point... :)


It's freakin' awesome :D great music, nice animation and all :) can't wait to see some more :D

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Pretty decent game. Fun to waste some time in the evening. It's a shame you can't go back to visit previous stages after finishing the game, would love that. By the way... how high the weapons level can get? my highest was 12 ;)

Great game! Are there multiple endings (besides death), or am i searching in vain? ;)

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much!
No, there's just one ending!

I loved every inch of it :D starting from humour and shooting everything in sight :D can't wait for an update!

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Great piece of work! Sends me in that specific, dark, somewhat "comfy" mood. Thank you for doing this!

Bonnot responds:

No problem, dude. Thank you for your review! Cheers!

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I just love the lighting here. That lamp, black trees painted on gray sky and shadow... that barely visible shadow of that poor man with a little boy/girl. You just gave my nightmares a new toy ;)

Silent hill is strong within this one....
I love the atmosphere of this piece of work. Dense, dusty, unsettling. Even if you don't know about SH it gives you a little shivers in the beggining and then starts to terrify you wwhen you discover the rest of the painting... unhuman sihoulette, "missing" poster and at last the blood... I'd love to have that piece of oil hanging on my wall.. and then it would propably drive me crazy from just looking at it.

I love every inch of it, details, style, even palette is perfect

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